Message from the owner

Thank you for visiting the My Laundromat 24-Hour Coin Laundromat website.

On February 22, 2020, our first location, in front of Hankyu Kasuganomichi station, was the first coin laundromat that introduced the “Smart Laundry System” in Hyogo prefecture. Our machines allow operation with or without a special app on your smartphone. 

On February 5, 2021, we opened a second My Laundromat location in Sumiyoshi Honmachi, (on Yamatekansen, 100 meters West to Suidobashi), which has machines with the latest technology that were the first in Japan with full screen multilingual touch panels. We will continue to do our best to provide excellent customer service for your comfort and safety to be your favorite Laundromats. Please visit our Sumiyoshi Honmachi location as well as our Kasuganomichi location.  We look forward to seeing you. 

Owner of My Laundromat

How to obtain the campaign tickets.

Download the Smart Laundry App here.

① On the Smart Laundry app, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen.

②Select “Use campaign code”.

③ Enter the campaign code “*****” where it prompts you to, then tap “Send.”

*Tickets that can be used at the Sumiyoshi-honmachi store are valid from Friday, February 5 to Sunday, February 28.

The Ticket expires 30 days after being distributed.

With your newly obtained ticket(s),

1)Click on “My page” on the app.

2)Click on the store you wish to use with the ticket.

3)Click on the store information.

Then, you will see “Tickets you can only use at this location”

Please refer to the following instructions for how to use the Smart Laundry app, and how to obtain the campaign tickets.

Please read the instructions for the washers and dryers below.

Please refer to your garment’s laundry label to use our machines at your own risk.
The dryer (and washer/dryer that is in the drying cycle) door can be open during the cycle.
If you paid for a wrong machine that’s staggered higher and lower please place your laundry in the correct machine.

For mattress futons, down futons and other kinds of futons.

Mattress futon fillings tend to move during the cycle. Mattress futons are often tied to prevent bunching, but this prevents full cleaning.
Our Kasuganomichi and Sumiyoshi-honmachi store machines use cutting edge technology to prevent mattress futons from bunching by turning in one direction at high-speed so they stick to the inside of the washer wall, which eliminates the need for tying. Please select the “Mattress Futon Course” when washing mattress futons.

Down futons and other kinds of futons can be washed in any other sized washers and dryers. However, if “Down Futon Course” is not selected for down futons, then they may not dry completely; if that is the case, add drying time or use another dryer.

Instructions for the machines at the Sumiyoshi-Honmachi store.

To use the machines, please tap the touch panel screen and follow the instructions.

Instructions for the Matress futon washing and drying cycle


Before putting futon in the machine, close the door and touch the screen for the wash drum option.


Open the futon wide and check if there are any rips or tears, then fold inwards lengthwise.
※ There is no need to tie the futon with a rope.


Open the door and check inside the drum, then place the futon that was folded lengthwise, from the edge of the futon along the inside of the drum like in donut shape.


Open up the futon that was folded in half as it would be attached to alongside of inside the drum, then close the door. Make sure the futon is not stuck in the door.


Select “>Wash and Dry” ⇒ “Mattress Futon Course” on the screen, then follow the instructions for the machine to operate.
※Do not wash Mattress futon with any other washing option other than the “Mattress futon course.”

Attention for use

  • ※Refer to the washing instructions on the garment when using the machines.
  • ※100% wool futons and silk futons cannot be washed.
  • ※Garments that are susceptible to shrinking, discoloring or ripping cannot be washed.

◎Tips for completely finishing washing the futon.

  • ・Open the door when there is 15 minutes remaining for the drying and turn over the futon to change the location for the heat. This will allow the futon to dry efficiently
  • ・If it’s not dried completely, use a larger dryer for an additional drying cycle.

Instructions for the machines at the Sumiyoshi-Honmachi store.

To use the machines, please tap the touch panel screen and follow the instructions.

3 payment methods

At My Laundromat, you can use coin laundry equipment with three types of payment methods.

  • cash
  • prepaid card
    (pay 2,000 yen for using 2,200 yen)
  • smartphone settlement

Payments accepted via smartphone include: PayPay, Merpay, LINE Pay, Carrier (Docomo, au, Softbank, etc.) You can also use a Credit Card.

No shoes inside the shop

Shoes are prohibited so that we can keep the place as its cleanest and easy to clean up.
Therefore, even if you drop the laundry on the floor while picking it from the machine, you don’t need to wash it again. It is also more children friendly this way.

Perfect security system

We have introduced perfect security system so that we can notice quickly when suspicious persons break into the shop and respond quickly by using security cameras with 24-hour recording function and SECOM security at six spots in the shop. Therefore, you can feel comfortable to use the service.

About the special appSmart Laundry

By using this special app, we can provide many benefits to our customers.

(All the useful functions are available by obtaining the campaign tickets or after using the washer and/or dryer add and completing the cycle.)

For example...


You can get points (smart medals) every time you use the service. Your status will go up according to the number of medals: from general member, to bronze, then platinum and finally diamond. You will receive benefits according to your status.


The window of the washing machine / dryer can be switched to a transparent frosted glass window with one touch.
Therefore, you can wash anything keeping your intimacy. It’s available right after you register it with the app (from general members).


he door lock function of the washing machine / dryer protects your washing.
It’s available right after you register it with the app (from general members).


You can receive a notification on your smartphone to check the status of washing machine or dryer that you use and when the washing and drying are done. Therefore, you can go shopping etc. without checking the end time.


You can receive a notification on your smartphone when the washing and drying are done. Therefore, you can go shopping etc. without checking the end time.


Since you can receive a receipt using the app, corporate customers can also use it as expenses.


キャリア(docomo,au,softbank等)決済、PayPay、メルペイ、Line Pay、クレジットカードを利用して簡単にお支払いが可能ですので、現金を持っていなくてもスマートフォンさえあれば洗濯乾燥機や乾燥機を利用する事が可能です。


You can choose high temperature (for towels), medium temperature (for general clothing), or low temperature (for delicate clothing) according to the material you plan to wash.


With Platinum status or higher, you can customize the washing / drying course such as extending the time of the washing machine / dryer or shorten the time according to the material of your washing.

How to use Smart Laundry

Enjoy the useful app to take advantage of the benefits described above by using the Smart Laundry app with cash or pre-paid cards payment method.


Downloadthe Smart Laundry app (free) from this website to your smartphone.


Put laundry in the washing machine / dryer and close it.


Read the QR code on the left of the washing machine
/ dryer with the app.


Enter the passcode displayed on the washing machine / dryer on the app.


Select washing / dryingwashingdryingcourse.


Select from one of the following payment methods: Cash Prepaid card Carrier payment (docomo,au,softbank)PayPayMerpayLINE Paycredit cardIf you are using a prepaid card, please select “cash”.


Presshe button of Confirm Order to start the washing


When the washing is completed, you will receive the notificationwashing completedon your smartphone.


Click Check usage status of washing machine or dryer that you use.


For 3 minutes after washing is done, a 3-digit passcode will be displayed on the screen of the washing machine or drying that you use. Enter the passcode on the screen within 3 minutes to get the bonus smart medal.


Pick up the laundry and finish.

Coin locker operated by smartphone,
SPACER is also available

(Only My Laundromat Kasuganomichi location)

My Laundromat also has SPACER that operates a coin locker using a smartphone. SPACER is available for 24 hours a day. The first two (2) hours are free, and 200 yen every four (4) hours thereafter.  The daily maximum is 600 yen.

You use the SPACER in such convenient ways.

  • a.If the washing and drying are finished before you take the train, you can leave the laundry in the SPACER and pick it up just before you go back home. Or vice versa.
  • b.If you want to give something to your friends or family, but the schedule doesn’t match, you can tell them to pick it anytime from the SPACER.
  • c.You can store items purchased at our store or other stores for 24 hours a day.
  • d.Among neighbors, you can use the SPACER as a pick-up location for anonymous EC transactions and you can save shipping and packaging costs.